I received great news that I have been appointed as the Microsoft Certified Trainer Regional Lead for Cameroon 2022-2023. I’m looking forward to serve the global Microsoft Certified Trainer (#MCT) community via leadership, mentoring, support, and engagement.


Microsoft Power BI dashboards are different than Power BI reports. Dashboards allow report consumers to create a single artifact of directed data that is personalized just for them. Dashboards can be comprised of pinned visuals that are taken from different reports. Where as Power BI report uses data from a

CREATING workspaces in Power bi service

Once you have created your Power BI data sets and reports, it’s time to deploy them so that users can take advantage. In this episode, you will learn how to create workspaces in the Power BI service.


Power BI has extraordinary visuals that can be used on Power BI reports and dashboards. let us see how we can use some of this visuals in this tutorial.

Power BI


Success in Data Analytics begins with a great data model. In this episode, you will learn how to design a data model that is intuitive, high-performing, and simple to maintain in PowerBI .

Power BI

How to clean, transform & analyse data in power bi

Power Query in Power BI has an incredible amount of features that are dedicated to helping you clean and prepare your data for analysis. check out this video to learn more

Power BI

How to Change storage mode in Power BI

The storage modes in Microsoft Power BI lets you control whether it caches table data in-memory for reports. Setting the storage mode provides many advantages such as: Query performance, Data refresh optimization, Near-real time requirements, Writeback etc. Let’s see how to change that in power bi desktop.

Power BI

How to change source location in Power BI

At times when working on a project in power Bi you might have to change the location of a source file or data during development. To keep your reports up to date, you’ll need to update your file connection paths in Power BI. Learn how to do this by watching this simple video

How to get flat files data in power bi Desktop

In this tutorial I will be showing you how you can get flat files data (csv) into Microsoft power BI for powerful analysis

Convert pdf to word

If you have have #Microsoft word 2013 and above and yet you still use online platforms or software to convert your pdf files to word, its time you stop doing that. In this short 2 mins video demonstration, i will walk you through the path of converting your pdf files